Day 1 Falmouth-Sennen Cove


Launch day! Put in at Swanpool at 0720 and made good progress cruising on a tailwind and following sea. Hit Lizard point at 1020 then Mounts Bay. The 20NM (5hr) crossing point to point punctuated by gannets, puffins, and a monstrous gul which decided to have a go! Swiftly paddle fouled it and then we parted ways.

Then made my way around Land’s end which was mindblowing in the glorious sunshine and rolled into Sennen on the last of the pushing tide.

I know it gets harder from here so I’m packing in the food and looking forward to sleep. Big day tomorrow, making hay etc…

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3 Responses to Day 1 Falmouth-Sennen Cove

  1. Rob says:

    Go for it, always dreamt of doing exactly what u r doing, will be reading your blogs daily !! Good luck !!

  2. andybilham says:

    Me too, I’m a friend of Rob’s (above) – best of luck, I’ll be watching and dreaming!!

  3. andybilham says:

    Hi Joe, I’m a friend of Rob’s (above) – I’ll be watching and dreaming too!!

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